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The Volvo S60 Delivers Efficient Performance to the Boston Area

With gas prices in the Boston, MA area as they are, efficiency is a huge part of every driver's car-buying decision. You simply can't ignore it these days. While many other luxury automakers are still delivering vehicles that consume quite a bit, we're thankful that our brand is very effective in saving gas. Even still, we've got all the performance you need to keep your place at the head of the…

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How Much Has Volvo Changed Over the Years?

Volvo has made a lot of great cars over the years. From the very first model that came out in 1927 to the newest models that are just coming out now, these cars have been consistently durable, safe, and stylish.

We recently came across an old Volvo commercial from the 1970's, and we just had to share it. It talks about the comfort and safety of the new cars, and then shows a truck…

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Volvo V60 Polestar Production Ramps Up

Ever since they were announced, the Volvo V60 Polestar has made quite a splash in the automotive world, and drivers from all over are scampering to get their hands on the 350 pony hot hatch. Although only 80 wagons and 40 sedans will make it to our shores, their arrival is now imminent.

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Expect the 2015 Volvo XC90 to Offer a Well-Orchestrated Experience

Here on our blog, we just can't seem to stop talking about the upcoming 2015 Volvo XC90. We are more than excited about its arrival to our Wakefield, MA showroom, so today we thought we'd bring you another look at what it has to offer.

The best way to describe the experience offered by the XC90, is to say that it is well orchestrated. The acoustic qualities of its interior are even comparable…

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Peer Inside the 2015 Volvo XC90

It's certainly no secret that we're anxiously awaiting the debut of the 2015 Volvo XC90 here at our Wakefield, MA dealership. We obviously aren't the only ones who are excited as this SUV promises to be one of the biggest releases of the year. While we don't know much about what the outside of the vehicle will look like, we can tell you that the interior is very chic.

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This 2015 Volvo V60 Commercial Has Us Feeling Nostalgic

We all remember the days when we sat in rear-facing jump seats, making faces at passing cars and laughing in our own little world. Well this 2015 Volvo V60 commercial captures those days pretty perfectly, and leaves us feeling nostalgic.

As the narrator reminisces about sitting in those seats, the viewer sees that the kids from the back seat are now the ones driving the cars as their lives move forward. While the memories are?

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Dashcam Catches Volvo Truck's Epic Brakes in Action

There is a trend over in Russia of sharing dash cam footage online. In some cases, it encounters giant meteors blasting through the atmosphere, or horrific car crashes. While we're going to share a video with you today, the result has little to do with vehicular carnage and everything to do with the safety found on each and every Volvo vehicle.

In this clip, we see a truck hit the brakes hard core to…

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Volvo Technology Gives You an Edge on the Uncertainty of the Road

The weather has certainly been interesting in the Boston, MA area lately. That can certainly been said most weeks, but if you spent any time on the road this past Sunday, you know exactly what we're talking about. It was cold, it was sunny, it warmed up, and then it rained. And that was all between 3:00 and 6:00.

We're certainly not giving up on our day jobs at 128 Volvo to get in on the weather game. The point of recounting the forecast is that things can happen in an instant out on the road…

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Welcome the Wagon back by taking a Spin in the 2015 Volvo V60

One of the best things about working for a Volvo dealership is that while everyone is still selling 2014 models our lots are quickly filling up with new inventory for the 2015 model year. 

This been an exciting year for Volvo because it ushers in the return of the 2015 Volvo V60. This wagon was discounted for the North American market a few years ago, but we are more than happy to see it return to our showroom.

We love the roominess that wagons provide, and since Volvo has deep roots in outdoor adventuring we're happy to see the…

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