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Whether road conditions are pristine or horrendous, your safety is incredibly important no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. From city driving to two-lane farmland, Volvo offers the safest cars to Boston, MA area drivers thanks to Volvo IntelliSafe technologies. Read on to learn more about how these safety features can keep you secure wherever you drive.

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Safety Awards

IIHS Top Safety Pick Awards

If you're looking for the best safety ratings when searching for a car, then Volvo models will satisfy your needs. The Volvo XC90, for example, is one of the safest SUVs because it was named a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS in 2016. The 2017 XC90 was also given a safety score of 9.7/10 by U.S. News & World Report. Is a luxury sedan more your style? The 2017 S60 was also awarded an IIHS nod as a Top Safety Pick + when equipped with the xenon headlamps.

Safety Systems

From driver assistance to in-vehicle protection, you'll be surrounded by peace of mind in Volvo's safest cars. Below, we explain each safety feature to give you a better sense of the features that ensure your protection.

Preventative Safety

Prevent an incident before it happens with preventative safety features. These systems give you another set of eyes to make driving around Boston much easier.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control

Your journey is made effortless with Adaptive Cruise Control's ability to automatically maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead.

360-degree Surround View

Birdseye 360 Degree Camera

This technology gives you a bird's-eye view of the exterior of your Volvo.

Driver Alert Control


Should you feel drowsy at the wheel, Driver Alert Control kicks in and prompts you to take a break.

Active High Beam Control

Active High Beam Headlights

Keep your high beams on at all times without disrupting drivers in oncoming traffic.

Blind Spot Information System

Blind Spot Information System

Radar sensors alert you on either side of the vehicle to warn you of vehicles in your blind spot.

Lane Keeping Aid

Lane Keeping Aid

This system gently steers your vehicle back in the proper lane if it senses drifting.

Active & City Safety

Driving in cities and darkly wooded rural roads can be incredibly stressful; you need to be on high alert because of pedestrians, erratic drivers, and all sorts of critters. That being said, let Volvo active and City Safety features make your next drive much more enjoyable.

Large Animal Detection

Large Animal Detection Auto Braking

Impressively, this system can identify large animals by reading their body outline and will alert you so you can brake.

Pedestrian Braking

Pedestrian Safety System

City Safety technology can detect pedestrians, moving or stationary. If you don't react, your Volvo will brake for you.

Cyclist Detection

Cyclist Detection Safety System

Working similarly to pedestrian braking, Cyclist Detection alerts you and can even brake if a cyclist swerves in front of your Volvo.

Intersection Braking

Interestection Braking

Crossing a dangerous intersection is made safer with Volvo's world-first intersection braking technology, which detects an imminent collision and brakes to avoid an accident.

Accident Safety

Sometimes collisions are unavoidable, and Volvo safety tech has you covered should the worst occur. Accident safety features from Volvo are designed with meticulous attention to detail and innovation that only Scandinavian engineering can provide.

Boron Steel

Boron Steel

Ultra high-strength boron steel perfectly protects every Volvo passenger in the event of a collision.

Pedestrian Airbag

Pedestrian Airbag

This exterior airbag, located between the hood and windshield, inflates on impact to cover the windshield, which protects you and the pedestrian.

World-First Safety Belt Technology

Volvo Safety Belt

One-of-a-kind seatbelt technology in Volvo sedans, wagons, and SUVs tightens belts within a few thousandths of a second after impact.

SIPS Side Seat-Mounted Airbags

SIPS Airbag

This feature is a protective combination of boron steel and airbags that inflate in the case of a side-collision.

Overhead Inflatable Curtain Airbag

Overhead Inflatable Curtain Airbag

Should the vehicle get hit from the side or roll over, the Inflatable Curtain airbag will inflate to protect the heads of front and rear passengers.

Driver Knee Airbag

Driver Knee Airbag

This protects the driver from lower body injuries in a collision.

Airbag Occupancy Sensor

Airbag Occupancy Sensor

This system will only inflate if it detects a passenger in the seat.

Connected Safety

You can also thank advanced technology for your safety in a Volvo sedan, wagon, or SUV.

Connected Safety Pilot Program

Volvo Connected Safety

Working with Sensus Connect, the Volvo Cloud collects data from your vehicle so Volvo can improve safety and the services they provide.

Browse through our model research center to see which Volvo cars, SUVs, and wagons come equipped with IntelliSafe technologies. Afterward, check out the new vehicle inventory for the safest cars from Volvo, and schedule a test drive with your favorite. For more information about Volvo safety, send our Volvo dealership near Boston a message or call (877) 462-2050 to speak with a product specialist directly.

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